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PlaySpace Exhibit - First Steps to Kindergarten
PlaySpace Exhibit - First Steps to Kindergarten
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Building a Bamboo Fence

Merriell, Andy. “A Japanese Fence at the Children’s Museum.” Boston: The Children’s Museum, 1973. The story of how the bamboo fence for the Japanese garden was built, told in comic-book form.

The Woods Used in The Japanese House

Bedford, Leslie. “Notes on the woods used in the building of the Japanese House.” Memo to BCM Staff, December 12, 1984.
Lists the many woods used in The Japanese House.

7-5-3 Day

Make a thousand-year-candy bag and wish for long life.

Sports Day

Learn about sports in Japan and make a sumo game.

Autumn Haiku

Write haiku for the mid-autumn moon and appreciate nature.

Hachimaki Headbands

Make and wear hachimaki headbands for strength and focus.

Tanabata and Stars

Learn the story of Tanabata and make a wish.

Fine-Weather Dolls

Make teru teru bozu dolls for good weather.


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