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PlaySpace Exhibit - First Steps to Kindergarten
PlaySpace Exhibit - First Steps to Kindergarten
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Boys' Day

Make a paper samurai helmet to celebrate Boys’ Day.

Sakura Blossoms

Celebrate spring and the beauty of cherry blossoms.

Hina Festival

Celebrate girls and women with Hina dolls.


Using the artifact study model of the Museum’s Native American exhibit, adding on a small reading/resource room and a workshop/meeting room, the Japanese Comprehensive Program Area expands the House exhibit into a whole Japanese environment where visitors can look, learn, participate, and do in-depth study of the country.




Moss, which is traditional in Japanese gardens, needs fresh air and water. After more research and consultation with Japanese experts, the garden is redesigned to reflect the traditions of small Kyoto house gardens, where there often is little sunlight, as well as to meet the demands of an interior space.


In addition to celebrating several Japanese festivals in The Japanese House and providing many school programs, an introductory exhibit is created to display the carpenters' tools and photos of the carpenters rebuilding the House, as well as a model to show how the House was constructed.


See more photos of the dedication ceremonies…





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