Kyo no Machiya at BCM

The Japanese House Neighborhood Tour

Take a Walk to our Japanese House! PDF with a guided photographic tour of the contemporary Nishijin district of Kyoto, where The Japanese House originated.

The Japanese House Glossary

Kyo no Machiya Japanese House Exhibition Glossary of Terms. PDF with images, descriptions, and Japanese pronunciation guide for architectural and cultural Japanese terms related to the exhibition.

The Woods Used in The Japanese House

Bedford, Leslie. “Notes on the woods used in the building of the Japanese House.” Memo to BCM Staff, December 12, 1984.
Lists the many woods used in The Japanese House.

About Kyoto Town Houses

Suzuki, Kakich. “About Kyoto town houses” 1979. A memo written by the director of the Architecture Division of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Kyoto to the curator at Boston Children's Museum describing the history of machiya in Kyoto.

Film: Rebuilding an Old Japanese House

Rebuilding an Old Japanese House. Dir. Rachel Strickland. Spontaneous Cinema

About The Japanese House Opening at Boston Children's Museum

Matchan, Linda. “A House Party Japanese Style: Children’s Museum Celebrates Opening of Its Artisan’s House.” The Boston Globe, April 17, 1980.  A newspaper article about the opening of the exhibit.

Building The Japanese House at Boston Children's Museum

“A Japanese Roof Raising in Boston.” ASIA magazine, January-February, 1980.  Describes how the 5 carpenters built The Japanese House within Boston Children’s Museum.

Use of Wood in Japanese Architecture

Gleason, Paul. “Works and Woods: Architecture and ecology in Japan.” Harvard Magazine, September-October, 2008. A tour of The Japanese House with Harvard associate professor Yukio Lippit, focusing on the use of various woods by Japanese builders of machiya.

Architecture Review of The Japanese House

Campbell, Robert. “A Japanese House for All Ages.” The Boston Globe, August 20, 1980. The Boston Globe’s architecture critic writes about The Japanese House for the Sunday magazine.



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