Me, You, We

Me, You, We is a kit for children ages 2 to 5 and their caregivers. It’s filled with resources to help your child develop and practice their social-emotional skills.

Social-emotional development is how children learn to understand themselves, connect to and behave with other people, and be independent and make good choices.


Learn more about the Me, You, We kit:


And download the Me, You, We face chart to help your child identify feelings:


Watch these videos created by Educators at Boston Children’s Museum to help you get started using the kit with your child.


Happy, Sad, Mad

Learning to understand feelings

Watch the Happy, Sad, Mad how-to video:



Download the Happy, Sad, Mad activity sheet:

Deep Breaths and Happy Dances

Learning to manage feelings

Watch the Deep Breaths and Happy Dances how-to video:

Download the Deep Breaths and Happy Dances activity sheet:


More Than Me

Learning about others

Watch the More Than Me how-to video:



Download the More Than Me activity sheet:

Listen, Think, and Do

Learning to follow directions

Watch the Listen, Think, and Do how-to video:



Download the Listen, Think, and Do activity sheet:

My Turn, Your Turn

Learning to take turns

Watch the My Turn, Your Turn how-to video:



Download the My Turn, Your Turn activity sheet:

Figuring It Out

Learning to solve problems

Watch the Figuring It Out how-to video:



Download the Figuring It Out activity sheet:

Books are good for developing social-emotional skills, too!



Funded by Boston Children’s Collaborative for Community Health